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Building for sale in Sant Antoni, Saïdia, Valencia.

Sant Antoni, Saïdia, Valencia

Building for sale
1.050.000€ (£ 922.501 app.)

Arrancapins, Extramurs, Valencia

Building for sale
1.100.000€ (£ 966.429 app.)


Building for sale
15.500.000€ (£ 13.617.873 app.)

El Mercat, Ciutat vella, Valencia

Building for sale
600.000€ (£ 527.143 app.)

Sant Antoni, Saïdia, Valencia

Building for sale
1.150.000€ (£ 1.010.358 app.)

Sant Francesc, Ciutat vella, Valencia

Building for sale
410.000€ (£ 360.214 app.)

Almagro, Chamberí, Madrid

Building for sale
size858m² plot size158m²
3.150.000€ (£ 2.767.503 app.)


Building for sale
size1.562m² garage5
3.000.000€ (£ 2.635.717 app.)

Nucleo Urbano, Burriana, Castellón

Building for sale
size110m² baths1 plot size130m²
100.000€ (£ 87.857 app.)
Building for sale in Santander, Cantabria.
Rockefeller Spain sells this impressive Mansion Building for Sale in Cantabria, in the city of Santander. It is a property of English style and court Palaciego of 585 m2 built on a plot of 276 m2. Located in the best area of ​​Santander, the Noble area, where the most unique buildings are located, owned by the richest and wealthiest families in Spain as is the case of the Botín family. The lands on which said building is built were part of what was once called the Alfonsina Polygon. When the Santander City Council built the Magdalena Palace, the intention was for the palace to be a gift to SSMM the Kings Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia. The construction work ended in 1912, and it was considered convenient to complete the gift with some land, so that not only the kings could spend seasons in Santander, but that the closest members of the court, especially the nobility of Cantabria could also displace their Residence to this city. This is how the Alfonsina Polygon was born, which is soon occupied by a whole series of magnificent palaces, as well as the Royal Hotel itself that would temporarily house those who came from other farther points in Spain, with the intention of coinciding with the Kings. in the city. The building underwent a complete rehabilitation between 1985 and 1990, which returned all its former splendor, and guaranteed its survival. This rehabilitation went through preserving the facade, at that time protected, and rebuilding the entire interior, from the foundations to the roof. Absolutely the entire structure is renovated and made of concrete. The house was endowed with the highest quality elements existing at that time, but without distorting its character and monumental essence. All exterior carpentry was renewed by PVC elements, with double glazing and thermal break. As for the interior carpentry, red wood or oak was used. The floors were installed in white Macael marble, except in the bedroom areas where red wood was used to provide greater warmth. It is also worth highlighting the realization of marble floor tiles of different colors in the most representative areas of the whole house. As for the stairs, they are entirely made of white Macael marble, with different designs depending on their location and needs that cover: two sections, offset or imperial design with plateau. Both all bathrooms and kitchens were completely renovated, with ceramics according to the aesthetics of the spa of the early twentieth century, or marble. As for the iron elements, they are entirely pieces recovered from the 19th century, reinstalled in the house. The building also has stone arches, friezes or marble openings recovered from different antique dealers, as well as numerous plaster elements in keeping with the aesthetics and age of the same. On the other hand, the house has the entire system of electrical installation and plumbing completely renovated, as well as its own group of water pressure to guarantee the quality of the supply throughout the year. The whole system of pocería and sewage system was also totally renewed. The facade is an extremely careful element. All original elements such as reliefs, cornices or chimneys were preserved and restored. On the other hand, the lost elements were replicated, such as the openings of the windows or the original shape of the central balcony. The two mountain galleries with which the building has been completely renovated, thus contributing a regionalist touch to the building's architecture, which is reinforced by the inclusion of other typical elements of mountain architecture such as the protests, which crown the different terraces And the balcony. The roof was also completely renovated retaining its original shape, but providing exceptional luminosity to the top floor thanks to the profusion of Velux windows that were incorporated. The garden and the large terrace above the main garage were also renovated and restored. Finally, the ground floor was also remarkably renovated and sanitized, giving the house a huge surface that can be used both as a garage and for any other use. From the urban point of view, the building was configured from its origin as two separate chalets in vertical division, constituting two independent registry farms.

Santander, Cantabria

Building for sale
size585m² garage plot size276m² garden
3.500.000€ (£ 3.075.003 app.)

Martín Muñoz de las Posadas, Segovia

Building for sale
size1.100m² plot size4.000m²
650.000€ (£ 571.072 app.)

Fonteta de Sant Lluís, Quatre carreres, Valencia

Building for sale
515.000€ (£ 452.464 app.)

El Pilar, Ciutat vella, Valencia

Building for sale
1.050.000€ (£ 922.501 app.)

Quart de Poblet, Manises, Valencia

Building for sale
6.350.000€ (£ 5.578.935 app.)
Building for sale in Convento, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real.

Convento, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real

Building for sale
186.000€ (£ 163.414 app.)

Salida de Infantes, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real

Building for sale
size460m² garage
180.000€ (£ 158.143 app.)

Buzanada, Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife

Building for sale
size700m² baths10 garage8
1.400.000€ (£ 1.230.001 app.)

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